SPHERU Stories

Working with Students Opens Perspectives

A Reflection by Dr. Bonnie Jeffery.

Dr. Bonnie Jeffery’s research focuses on Older Adults, Dementia, Aging in Place, Rural and Remote Settings, End of Life.

Students are really interested in issues of inequity; however, rural Saskatchewan is not thought of as a practice area for many students at first.

However, working in rural Saskatchewan is a real eye opener for people. It really opens up their eyes and they recognize the needs of older adults and the experiences of rural living.

These experiences have a real impact on future workers and it helps to ensure students think about older adults in an authentic way.

This practical experience is transformative for students. It builds understanding and it opens perspective.

Learn more about SPHERU’s Rural Health research.

With a significant portion of Saskatchewan’s aging population living in rural communities, more people in those areas look to community groups to provide primary care and services. SPHERU research in this area is conducted in partnership with rural communities to create change, based on study findings, by developing programs and policy that can support healthy aging for older adults.