SPHERU’s vision is a

Healthy Society

Creating a better world through research, evaluation and action, for everyone.

How our research helps..

Everyone has a right to health.

SPHERU’s work includes the creation of new knowledge, independent policy analysis, strength-based interventions, evaluation and collaborative research with both policy makers and communities to develop strategies to reduce health inequities and improve wellness. Historically, Saskatchewan has been an innovator in health—universal health care, health care regionalization, and bi-university collaborations. At the same time, Saskatchewan has shown some of the most extreme health outcome disparities in Canada. This is why we need evidence to make important decisions in the interest of all people; without it, our policies and practices may cause or exacerbate inequitable distribution of power and resources, contributing to widening health disparities. Research and action are essential


A society is better off when everyone achieves health.

Illuminating health gaps and inequities, understanding the social and environmental context of SK communities, and focusing on intervention research lays the foundation for evidence-based decisions, re-prioritization and distribution of resources, and the creation of policies and programs that support the health and wellbeing of all people. 


Research with communities, not on communities.

Throughout 20 years of collaboration, cross-sector partnerships, and bridging gaps between disciplines, organizations and communities, SPHERU has catalyzed community transformations through innovation, engagement, knowledge creation, and intervention. We work directly with Saskatchewan communities, organizations and community partners to make a real difference in the health of Saskatchewan people.


Work with a goal in mind.

SPHERU’s work includes the creation of new knowledge, independent policy analysis, collaborative research with policy makers, and collaboration with communities to develop strategies to reduce health inequities. Much of SPHERU’s work falls within the following main themes:

  • Northern and Indigenous Health
  • Healthy Children
  • Rural Health
  • History of Health Inequities