Spirit of SPHERU


Heart is at the center of our embodied approach to research—and people are at the heart of our research.

Researchers at SPHERU bring our whole selves to our relationships with research participants and communities. We work with the community and for the community. Respectful, meaningful engagement starts with the relationship we have to our partners and to our goal of improving the health of the people of Saskatchewan. 

Reflections, Insights and, Stories of HEART

People are not Disposable

Dr. Gabriela Novotna, SPHERU Researcher

Dr. Novotna discusses the important ethic that all people are deserving of support and help, including those overcoming their addictions.

Taking a Holistic View of a Disability 

Dr. Michelle Stewart, SPHERU Researcher

Dr. Stewart discusses her work to identify and point out structural inequality for people who self-identify with FASD, and the work to dismantle it.

Supporting Community and Building Compassionate Future Leaders

Colleen Christopherson-Cote, Community Partner

Colleen reflects on the importance of supporting community partners on important, relevant issues, while supporting student experience and building perspective.

How HEART comes to life in our work

The Healing Journey

This research study was the first of its kind in Canada. Starting in 2004 and lasting four years, SPHERU researchers examined the experience of intimate partner violence and the consequences it has on the lives of women in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta.

Gathering strength in the community, one step at a time

The Promoting Health and Wellness Through Community Development research project, put into place an intervention for males suffering from domestic violence on the Yellow Quill First Nation.

Quality of Life Studies

SPHERU partnered with Community-University Institute for Social Research (CUISR) to conduct and launch Saskatoon Quality of Life studies, which were conducted every 3 years from 2003 to 2015.

Wuskiwiy-tan! & Ta-Nigahniwhak! 

This research program on healthy aging in rural Saskatchewan Métis Community is framed through two connected projects that consider aging well across the lifecourse. Wuskiwiy-tan! (Let’s Move) is focused on seniors and Ta-Nigahniwhak! (They Will Be Leaders) is focused on youth.