Spirit of SPHERU


Knowledge translation and exchange is an integral part of SPHERU’s collaborative research strategy.

This ensures our research leads to action that improves the health of Saskatchewan people and communities. We begin our research by identifying potential knowledge users and involve them throughout the process. The multidisciplinary, collaborative spirit of SPHERU research leads to cross-sectoral partnerships that bridge the gaps between disciplines, communities, and organizations and catalyze community transformation

Reflections, Insights, and Stories of HANDS

How Does Poverty Become a Health Priority?

Dr. Cory Neudorf 

SPHERU researcher, Dr. Neudorf, and partner Colleen reflect on the importance of the Saskatchewan Equity Study in prioritizing poverty in Saskatchewan.

Wanting the same thing but speaking a different language

Natalie Kallio, SPHERU Research Officer

Natalie reflects on the self awareness needed for partnership and collaboration in research.

Inaction is also a decision

Dr. Dan Fuller, SPHERU Researcher

Dr. Fuller reflects on the implications of decisions not based on evidence, or the consequence of not changing in the face of evidence.

How HANDS come to life in our work

Saskatchewan Equity Study

Decade-long health equity studies, in partnership with Saskatchewan Health Regions, have led to local and regional action in public health, the health system, and with intersectoral partners.

Smart Cities, Healthy Kids

The Smart Cities, Healthy Kids study examines how urban planning and design can encourage more children to be physically active, while helping to reduce the risk of childhood obesity

Research Leads to Action

A key aspect of SPHERU’s research is it is not simply conducted on rural communities, but done in partnership with these communities. This approach focuses on the importance SPHERU places on research and action that can bring about change, especially in developing programs and policies to support healthy aging for rural seniors. 

Translating knowledge into practice, practice into knowledge

SPHERU’s work reducing mental health disparities through population health promotion helps translate knowledge into practice and practice into knowledge. Learn more about this research.