Spirit of SPHERU


Our research works to widen the lens.

SPHERU’s research seeks to provide context, open perspective, and move away from assumptions, blame, or bias toward evidence-based understanding and action. We take a critical eye towards structural and systemic violence and oppression that influences research findings and their interpretation, and we understand that we need many eyes on the issues to see the truth. 

Reflections, Insights and Stories, of EYES

Working with Students Opens Perspectives

Dr. Bonnie Jeffery, SPHERU Researcher

Dr. Jeffery reflects on the importance of providing hands-on experiences for students that can prove to be real eye-openers.

A Population Health Lens on COVID-19

Dr. Nazeem Muhajarine, SPHERU Director

Dr. Muhajarine reflects on the importance of a population health perspective when planning responses to COVID-19.

The Grand Panorama of Health Research

Dr. Paul Hackett, SPHERU Researcher 

Dr. Hackett reflects on the subtle difference between medical research and health research.

How EYES come to life in our work

The MUSE Project

This multi-sectoral project seeks to understand how public health organizations, municipalities, and other organizations can work together to improve the health of Canadians living in urban areas.

History of Health in Saskatchewan Timeline

This research explores historical events that have played a role in impacting Saskatchewan residents’ health, healthcare and standards of social and economic living over the past century.

How COVID can re-shape Education

As we struggle to deal with the diverse challenges of a global pandemic—exposing cracks in our health system along the dimensions of race, wealth, and age—we must rethink how we solve complex problems that affect societies across the world, in all manner of ways. In this opinion piece, SPHERU researcher Dr. Paul Hackett and his colleagues consider the opportunity we have to reshape the education system to meet future challenges head on. Originally published by The Globe and Mail.

Studying Intended and Unintended Outcomes

Community and population-level interventions focusing on children and families can have intended and unintended outcomes. An important line of inquiry in SPHERU’s Healthy Children research is to investigate this. Learn more about SPHERU’s research with Healthy Children.