SPHERU Stories

Value-added Support, Mentorship and Training

A reflection by Dr. Juanita Bascu.

Dr. Juanita Bascu’s research is focused on rural and seniors health, Dementia, social isolation, health policy, community based-research methods.

Since 2009, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with SPHERU in various capacities including a research coordinator, PhD student, postdoctoral fellow, and more recently, a research associate.

By working with the SPHERU team, I have experienced first-hand the value-added strengths of SPHERU’s support, mentorship, and training.

Through SPHERU, I have had the opportunity to write 20 peer reviewed publications, 25 newsletter articles, 20 research reports, and delivered 57 academic presentations at national and international conferences.

Collaborating with SPHERU has been an invaluable learning experience as I have helped write and prepare 26 national and provincial level grantswith 18 being successful and worth $4,809,835. 

Working with the interdisciplinary expertise and mentorship of SPHERU has enabled me to combine elements from different theoretical frameworks and disciplines to foster more comprehensive and robust research than I could have accomplished with a single theory or discipline.

Through SPHERU, I have had the opportunity to establish community-based partnerships and work in collaboration with local leaders

…to develop innovative population health intervention research to support rural seniors’ independence and ability to age in place over time. I have greatly valued the team’s support and guidance over the years and look forward to our future collaborations.

-Learn more about Dr. Bascu and team’s work at SPHERU’s supporting rural adults with dementia. 

The project team is collaborating with the Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan and other provincial and local organizations to design and implement individual, community, and organizational level interventions that enhance social inclusion of older adults with dementia living in small towns and rural communities in Saskatchewan.