SPHERU Stories

The Grand Panorama of Health Research

A reflection by Dr. Paul Hackett.

Dr. Paul Hackett’s research focuses on the history of First Nations health and historical epidemiology.

Medical research encompasses a narrow view of the horizon.

While important, it fails to capture the grand panoramic that is required in health research to make broad reforms to the health of people.

It’s not always “eureka!” moments.

Rather, it’s a multitude of studies, building on one another. All of this insight and all of these diverse perspectives and knowledge slowly work together to change the existing narrative and assumptions.

There are people listening, pushing for change, pushing us in a healthier direction.

They are whispering in the ears of policy-makers, nudging with each insight. 

This is work that we do right here at SPHERU, and people have been doing this for a long time.

All of a sudden change happens and the health of our communities are so much better for it. That is health research.

Discover SPHERU’s History of Health Timeline.

‘History of Health in Saskatchewan: An Interactive Timeline’ is a SPHERU project exploring historical events that have played a role in impacting Saskatchewan residents’ health, healthcare, and standards of social and economic living over the past century. 

The basis of the timeline is to paint a comprehensive picture of the history of health and health-related events that have occurred in Saskatchewan, and serves as a tool for knowledge translation.